VPI Scout, What can you tell me?

i would greatly appreciate any firsthand information about the new vpi scout/jmw 9 combo.
i have a mmf5 right now and am getting ready to upgrade my pro-ject phono box with the tubed phono board for my rogue 99 mag preamp.
the mmf5 has been a great turntable for testing the waters, but the scout looks like it may have quite a bit to offer over the mmf.

particularly, how easy is the scout to set up? is there any upgrade path as for the hw19 jr? will the table accept the other jmw arms? would i be able to get away with the mmf cartridge in the short term if i were to buy the scout later this year?

i'm posting because the scout is within budget as far as a table/arm goes and $1.5k is about all i can see spending on a table/arm for my analog experience. i cannot now or in the foreeseable future justify spending more.

thanks i advance
and thanks for the positive encouragement on my recent halo tube dampers post in tech talk.
Listen to the VPI Scout and, the Rega 3 and,Rega 25. The Rega 3 for the money was very good. Did not think the 25 was that much better. Just an improvement on the 3. The VPI Scout was much better than the Rega 25. If you get A chance go compare before you buy. Use your own ears, you may like A different sound than I. To my ears they are all better than the Music Hall.