VPI Scout w/ JMW-9 vs Aries w/ JMW-10

Hi there, I am considering upgrading from a VPI Scout to the Aries and was wondering if anyone out there as any advice for me regarding the two tables...
Thanks in advance!!!
What do you hope to gain in the Aries that the Scout is lacking? What cart are you using with the Scout now, and do you have any thoughts about what direction you would go with the Aries? That said, have you given any thought to moving up to the Scoutmaster/JMW 9 Signature arm combo. The increased mass and upgraded wiring in the Signature arm really expands choices in carts, including the use of low(er) compliance carts like Shelter and Denon that can be tricky to set up with the stock arm.
Well, with the Scout, I can't complain about the sonics of it, its as good as I've had it, even with the MC of a Dynavector 10x4, which I should upgrade before upgrading tables. But there is a good deal out there on the Aries and the JMW-10 should be less ressonant and provide a quieter backgound, correct? as well as the plinth.

But I am really just hoping to get more quiet from the table, with more details and speed.

Am I wrong on this assumption that the Aries is better in these qualities?
you gotta ask yourself if the upgrades and/or money lost from selling the old table is worth it. the boyscout trail is littered with consumers desiring more. if you must stick with vpi, go for something in the hw series or get out now before you need to upgrade again and again.
Some folks are of the opinion that the Scout series are the Aries series with a smaller footprint. The stock Scout is usually pretty quiet if it's setup on a good stand/shelf combination. The 900.00 cost to upgrade the Scout to Scoutmaster is money well spent IMHO. You get a double plinth with a steel layer, a MUCH quieter 300 rpm motor and the Aries platter/bearing. The retail of the Scoutmaster and the Aries are pretty close as well.
Just to play devil's advocate for the moment: What if you were to keep the Scout, upgrade the platform on which it sits, and maybe move up the Dynavector line of carts to say, the 20X or the 17D (something you probably wind up doing if you buy the Aries), and maybe think about a motor controller like the SDS or the Walker? If you sell the Scout and invest in the Aries and a new cart, I am concerned that the jump in quality relative to expenditure will not be as great as careful tweaking and setup of your current table or an upgrade of the existing to the SM. Just my two cents of course. Keep us informed....
I use my Scout with Dynavector 17d2 mk2 (something or other)around $700 - It's about the highest I will go without getting another table, but it actually works with the VPI. It will give you much better tansient response and detail.
Thanks for the overwhelming response...
You're all right, price point upgrade is key...
I got the scout used and wouldn't lose too much upon selling and upgrading...what do you think if the Aries and JMW-10 was $2000? I am sure I can get $1000 or so for the Scout, so, its a $1000 upgrade, and you're right...its probably not too smart...I think the upgraded motor to SDS or cartridge, which I've been thinking, is a better investment. Thanks for the responses.

I was thinking Van De Hul cartridges, but they are expensive, what about a Shelter 901 used or and Orfoton...
Any other suggestions on the cartridges?

I'm not familiar with the Scout/Scoutmaster, however I have an Aries with JMW-10/van den Hul Frog, and I'm more than happy. This an original Aries with no upgrades. This table is dead silent. I did spend extra time to make sure it was leveled and set up right. The table sounds awesome.


Paul :-)
Paul, thanks...
I know the Frog is amazing, but its quite expensive, is it not? Around the $2000 range, right?
Hm..i will have to consider your comment...
Frog pricing is all over the place. New from dealer advertising here is $2500. Two used, one with uncertain hours is sale pending at $850+/-. Another used Frog at $1500.

I recently purchased the Aries/JMW10/Frog used. I've been away from vinyl for over 20 years. LOL! What was I thinking!

I have no regrets over my purchase. ;-)


Paul :-)
What about the move from the Scoutmaster to the TNT 3.5 - what are the benefits there?
To me the Aries is just an overall superior product. The fit and finish on my Aries is just in another class compared to the Scout I owned. Socially, the difference to me is that the Scout was a bit hyper fast. I liked it but it was ultra dynamic. You may like that.

The clarity, detail, bass, and smoothness of the Aries is amazing. I think the advantages of the scout (speed) have to do with the 9" arm. The 10" arm is just more accurate to my ears. If you want the best of both worlds get a fast cart on the Aries (17d2, Clearaudio etc) and enjoy.

Bottom line, the Scout is a superb starter table. It make sit clear that analog is far superior to any digital source. The Aries (with the longer arm) makes the comparison to digital laughable and the comparison to the Scout makes it look like a starter table.

Good luck
Totally agree with Vikvilkhu's comment above about the Aries. I decided to go with the Aries Black Knight w. 9" arm and Dynavector 17d2 cartridge. This is a great sounding (and great looking) set up, in my opinion, and it's an interesting variant with much in common with the Scoutmaster, which is getting a lot of attention lately. The Aries is more musically impressive than the Scout, although the Scout is unquestionably a fine table at the price. I imagine the 10" arm could improve the Black Knight somewhat, although the next move for me is to add the SDS speed control unit. I've also listened to the VPI TNT HRX, and I think the Aries gets closer to that reference monster than does the Scout.

Good listening to you,

Agree with last couple of posts. The Aries is a step up from the scoutmaster. The original scout is a very good value. The scoutmaster is not the best at it's pricepoint IMHO. The Aries is excellent at it's price.

I have the original Scout and it mates well with the Dyna 17d2.