VPI Scout vs VPI Scout 1.1

What are the performance differences between the VPI Scout and VPI Scout 1.1.?

What are the mechanical and design differences?
I actually have both. The 1.1 is a little nicer but if you are looking at something used and can get a good deal, I wouldn't hesitate to get the older one. I don't have both of mine in the same home so I haven't done a side by side evaluation. I doubt that I would hear any real differences between the 2. You'll be happy with either one.

We'll be able to answer my own question in a week.
Hi Again;

As great as the Scout is, the Scout 1.1 is worth having even more. I must agree with Zd542 in that the Regular Scout is definitely a worthy performer. The Scout 1.1 offers a more refined picture into the musical performance.