VPI Scout vs. Marantz TT-15

I've decided to put together a vinyl setup for the first time since I was a kid. I'm starting completely from scratch and will need table/arm, cart and phono-pre, and related accessories. My budget is about $2k. I had originally planned to build around a VPI Scout and pick up everything used, but then stumbled across the attached package from MusicDirect that features a Marantz table/arm/cart from Clearaudio, a Simaudio phono pre and a bunch of the accessories I will need.


There's also a few deals out there on B-stock Scouts for about $1400. Has anyone been able to compare the Scout and the Marantz. I can probably arrange to audition the Scout, but will likely be unable to hear the Marantz.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
FWIW I too just hopped back into vinyl buying my first TT since 1983, and chose the Marantz TT15, I am running it through a Dynavector P75 MkII with very good results. I also found the country's (possibly the worlds) largest record store is only 7 miles from my home!!! They have over 3,000,000 records!!!!

I was truly a kid in a candy store yesterday when I went there!

Check them out if you ever get to St Pete Florida!

the marantz. no fuss...excellent sound
Hey Keeny T. Just getting back into vinyl & live in Tampa. Where's the store in St. Pete that has all of the LPs
Here's the link to their site, it's in St Pete, deep behind the HD on 22nd Ave N