VPI Scout vs. HW 19

After reluctantly selling my turntable a few years ago, I'm looking to replace it.

The question I have right now is if I should get a VPI Scout or HW19. The turntable I LAST owned was a VPI Scout, and I LOVED it. There is a cool-factor to that big honkin' platter, but the HW19 seems to be similar, and maybe more user friendly? (And about 1/2 the cost.)

Now as I said...I loved my Scout. I'm wondering if anyone out there has owned both that can offer some guidance.
Hello CP, I own a HW-19 with AQ Arm.

19 Series Tables do pop up here with good regularity, and yes, can be a good deal if one is in the right place, at the right time. The most desireable 19 model would be the MV-IV version, and many would probably agree that the MK-IV should be able to perform neck, and neck with the Scout, if not, even exceed the Scout in performance. Some of this might be dependent on which Arm the 19 is fitted with.

Since VPI dropped virtually all of its support of the older 19 table in favor of the Scout, components have not yet become impossible to acquire at present, but have become more difficult.

There is no avaliability of Plinths, Armboards, Suspension Springs, and even the Sorbothane Pucks I understand are no loner available. Items like the Stand Alone Motor Assembly (SAMA) the Super Platter, SDS Speed Controller, Dust Covers, and even Bases are available. VPI "might" still have Stainless Sub Plinth assemblies for the 19. Not sure if VPI handles the stock Hurst Motor anymore, but can still be possibly located from another vendor.

There appears to be better options IMO with a Rega Arm fitted to table, with the many upgrade paths-Arm Swaps for Rega. (Origin Live-etc)

One could of course re-engineer the 19 Table, with custom DIY parts (Plinths-Bases-Arm Boards, SAMA's, Different Arms, etc), but with so many other options in the Turntable market available today, one has to wonder, and decide if the time, and money spent is worth it?

I reckon the real questions would be, what sort of performance are you wishing to attain, and what amount of money are you wishing to spend? A better alternative in the VPI Stall could perhaps be a used VPI Aries 1, with Heavy Platter? Hope this helps, Mark
This is going to be for my office system. I realized a few weeks ago that I've got a 10,000 rig at the house that gets 4-5 hours of use a week, and a 2,000 rig at the office that I sure 60hrs a week. We're moving in a month, and my new office is big enough for me to put all my gear in there. So...I thought it'd be a good time to get back into Vinyl. (I got out because I have a 18-month old now, that likes to bang on things.)

I'll be piping it into a Jeff Rowland Consonance Preamp, JR Model 1 Amp, a Wadia 850-GNSC CD Player, and using ProAc Response 2-S speakers.

I've still got a 16.5 cleaning machine, so I'm almost there already.

The more I think about it...the more I think I'll look for a Scout. Aries I would be great, but I can't imagine finding one in the sub-$1,500 wheelhouse.
There are opinions both ways. My 19 has a Scout platter and a SAMA Motor. I am playing with some options, actually have the stuff here to do it with, changing the plint to a steel/corian mixture. I think you certainly can play around more with a 19. Personally I like the look of a traditional looking table like the 19. So depending on personal sound preferences, and what you have on/in the 19, it could be just as good or better then a Scout. On the other hand you can just pull the Scout out of the box and have a great sound rig, just as it is.
I've got a HW19 MK III with a SAMA and SDS and I'm using a modified RB300 tonearm with drop counterweight and Cardas rewire.

It is a very good table outfitted this way and I'd put it up against any Scout that's for sure.

Like was said before, find a Mk IV and put a good arm on it, maybe even a JWM 9 Signature and you'd have a table that can last the ages. Though I do also recommend the SAMA and SDS. I bought all of my stuff used here on Agon and I have $1,250 into it.

Good Luck
the HW 19
I'm thinking I'll just honker down and look for a Scout. By the time I outfit a Mk IV with everything I want, I'll have the same money into it.

My last Scout was a real peach. I LOVE the JMW-9, so that'd be the first upgrade on a MkIV...so that's what made the decision for me to look for a Scout.

Ok...the hunt begins.
Just keeping everyone in the loop...

I bought a VPI Scout w and Aries 2 platter, JMW-9 Arm, and a Clearaudio Aurum Beta-S Wood cart. There are a few other mods to the table, but I'm sure it'll sound great. I spent about 2X what I was hoping to, but I think I got a much better table as a result.
I think you have made a wise choice, but keep in mind it will require a little extra care and tweaking to get things up and running correctly. Live with it for awhile and resist urges to upgrade right away. Spin with a grin!