VPI Scout upgades?

I have a VPI Scout with an Ortofon 2M Black cart. Table is stock, 9T arm... I would like to keep it and max out its potential with upgrades...Good approach? Where do I start?
The Townshend Platform really works great, I use it under my EMT and the improvement over anything else I've tried is not subtle at all. Kinda like a poor man's Minus K..
That's why I want to keep it and find its potential.
I have the table on an oak base I built. Two 18'x18" x1.75" Gaskets between them...i still get feedback from a suspended hardwood floor! Lots of mass but not really working to remove vibration.
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Mass won't help on a suspended hardwood floor, you need some form of decoupling at very low frequencies.  Simplest thing to try would be putting some racketball balls under your massive oak base.  You can use something like these to sit the balls in so the turntable doesn't roll off the shelf:


It's cheap and effective in a lot of cases.