VPI Scout upgades?

I have a VPI Scout with an Ortofon 2M Black cart. Table is stock, 9T arm... I would like to keep it and max out its potential with upgrades...Good approach? Where do I start?
The biggest by far, equivalent to a major table upgrade, will be to put the Scout on a Townshend Podium. Like a whole new turntable.

Next, Synergistic Research PHT and ECT. Green Dream and Black Beauty PHT, used together, big increase in detail, dynamics, and 3D liquid stage.

Get some TA-102 fO.q tape. Remove your cartridge, carefully cut and trim it to fit the head shell. Half the tape is pre-cut into strips. Run one of these strips along the bottom of the arm tube. Look at the close-ups you will see black and green PHT, red ECT, and tape. https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8367 Plaster it everywhere. There’s a lot of it on mine, you just have to look real close to see. Also on the motor pod. I would also try a small piece under each of the motor pod feet. This stuff kills micro-vibrations lowering the noise floor and revealing inner detail like you can’t believe.

Actually all these improvements are focused on controlling micro vibrations and isolating vibrating parts from each other. This is the way to get maximum performance from your turntable.

Decware ZP3. https://www.decware.com/newsite/ZP3.htm You won’t need a SUT with your 5mV cartridge, making this an absolute killer upgrade.

Not cheap, but will elevate your Scout like you won’t believe. I know, because except for the Decware I have done all these things, and they are awesome. And I did the equivalent of the ZP3 only with a Herron HTPH2A instead. Those now are just about gone. (If you want one do not delay, call Keith today.) Anyway, voice of experience.

Go to the VPI forum.
I'd consider VPI upgrades first over aftermarket suggestions.

Is  your phonostage the best you can afford?  If not, you don't know how good your table can sound. 
I'd also call VPI and ask them. They have a good upgrade path. If it is a newer Prime Scout, I see they have a platter upgrade and wiring upgrade for the arm. But do yourself a favor and listen to MillerCarbon. He is generally on target. Your phono pre got 2020 Absolute Sounds  award  the phono preamp. So it may be up to the task now. But bear in mind, they often  make a very big improvement as you go up the line
I see Townshend Podium units for speakers, where could I find a turntable design/product?