VPI Scout to Scoutmaster upgrade options

I am contemplating the scout to scoutmaster upgrade and have a question about the process. If I order the $1100ish upgrade kit from one of the many vendors offering it, what additional parts will I need (besides a tonearm obviously) to make the leftover scout chassis a complete table...e.g. record clamp, cone feet, power cord, etc. The vendors typically only offer a $200 rebate on the return of the chassis and for that price I think it would make a great table for my dad, but I feel like I must be missing something...it seems to cheap. Any info is appreciated. Thanks mucho.

Or you can sell the table. Just add feet. I sold mine on Ebay for over $800. There's a few places to find cones very close to that size that work fine.
I just did this upgrade. To make a complete turntable from the remains of the old, you will need feet, record clamp, and power cord. No real need to use clones of the feet, as the VPI feet were only $40. To use the JMW9 arm, you'll need the platform with cueing lever and arm rest ($???), and an arm wand ($400). You'll still have the old arm base and RCA connector box. Alternatively, you can use a Rega arm (or anything compatible with it) as a drop-in replacement.

$1100 for the upgrade kit is a great deal. You can get most of it back by selling the table, or create a second table for the cost of feet and part of the arm (or a replacement arm).

The big drawback is that if the upgrade kit or any of the replacement parts you want are not in stock, get ready to wait...
thank you hirsch9k that was very helpful info, i have ordered the upgrade and my waiting shoes are laced up.