VPI Scout set up

just purchased a VPI Scout Aries with JMW 9 tonearm here first time set up tone arm seems to have a lot of play is that how it should behave or am I overlooking something also any other tips on set up appreciated.

Thank you
Be a bit more specific. Do you mean there is a lot of play as you pick up the arm and move it into position to be dropped in the grooves or do you mean it is wobbling around while it is actually playing the record? If it feels wobbly while holding it in your finger before dropping it on the record, don't sweat it. That's the way the JMW9 tonearm tends to feel. If it's dancing around and wobbling when playing the record, that's a different matter. It should track on an even keel and the azimuth orientation should remain stable like any other tonearm would.
This is one of the eccentricities of the unipivot arm. Another one for the scout arm is the twisted wire controlling the antiskating. Just get the settings as close as you can and enjoy the music. It is a decent table
You'll get used to handling the unipivot arm.....it will track just like a regular arm when playing a record...no wobble at all. You should get a Fozgometer...makes setting up the arm easy.