VPI Scout Question

I am going to buy a VPI Scout here soon. I have a few questions.

What are your thoughts on B Stock units. They are $400 cheaper, but I don't want a broken TT. Are they all just cosmetic damages, or am I risking something worse?

I will be running this through a Cambridge 640P, and plan on using a Dynavector 10X5 cart. A B Stock Scout with the 10X5 cart will run around $1850. I can get a new Scout with the 20X2 MM Special cart for $2400. Is that worth the extra $550, or am I better off spending that on a better preamp to balance out my system?
Don't get B stock anything. Unless the price has gone up on the Scout, you should be able to get it with a 10x5 for what you are looking to spend. Another option you may want to consider is getting a Dynavector 20 low output version and a Dynavector 75 phono preamp. You should be very happy with that combo for a long time. Just to note, I've owned all of this equipment so I do have first hand experience with it. (As opposed to reading a bunch of magazine reviews.)
The B-stock you are asking about (typically sold through online outlets like Audio Advisor, Music Direct, Acoustic Sounds, Needle Doctor.com) are indeed cosmetic flaws that do not have anything to do with functional performance of the table.

I would suggest calling whichever retailer you are planning on buying from and asking them what specifically is the cosmetic issue so you can assess specifically if you are ok with it or not. If ok, then with the $400 savings (actually I would still try negotiating down a little bit more), I would upgrade from the 10X5 to the 20X2 and upgrade your phono down the road when funds allow. Your 640P should easily allow you to hear the sonic upgrade in going from the 10X5 to the 20X2 (more resolving, more dimensional and more articulated and deeper bass).
Thank you for the suggestions. Here is my plan. I have a B Stock Scout on order. When it arrives at the store I will be able to see what the cosmetic issue is. I am going to use the 10X5 cart and also upgrade my preamp to the Jolida JD-9. I can get all of that for a little under the regular Scout with the 20X2 cart. Down the road I will most likely upgrade to that.