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I was thinking about buying a phono stage that only has balanced (XLR) inputs. Like a BMC MCCI. Now I know VPI sells a XLR junction box. However these are rather expensive I think €250 or €350 for the Vahalla. But are these really neccecary? Would it be ok if I made a RCA to XLR cable and leave pin 1 (ground) on the XLR open. Would I then have the connect the centre of the RCA to pin 2 and the outside of the RCA to pin 3? or vice versa.

Or is the RCA junction box wired in a way that this is impossible to do.

Or would it be better to just buy a phono stage with RCA inputs?
Another Consideration - and yes I do make them.

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Makein a cable RCA to XLR for phono is not a problem.
I am not certain about the high end ramifications: theory of impedance mismatch on the signal..'But for all practical purposes yes you CAN just make an RCA to XLR.
(I have on made up to use on my balanced input only Audio Research PH-2, it works great.)
Though I am not using the PH-2 much at this time.
You can buy xlr to rca adapters. I think BAT sells them for around 60.00 for a pair.
I made a comparison between the classic 1 and classic 3 as soon as I upgraded, everything else was exactly the same, only turntable changed on this thread.

http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?eanlg&1263789072& openusid&zzCaptain_winters&4& 5#Captain_winters

I didn't compare to the Scout, but if you read comparisons with the Classic 1 and the Scout, my comparison gets you to the Classic 3.
I posted my response on the wrong thread.
I am not an expert, but am trying to figure this out for myself if I want to do it in the future, so bear with me.

As I understand it, for the right channel, for example

Right Output (Red) on Cartridge goes to Pin 2 of XLR

Right "Ground" or low (Green) on Cartridge goes to Pin 3 of XLR

Separate chassis ground from Turntable to Pin 1 of XLR

Red becomes White and Green becomes Blue on Left channel.

Using the RCA connections , Center on the RCA goes to pin 2 on the XLR and Outer on the RCA (shield) goes to pin 3 on the XLR and a separate chassis ground ideally goes to 1.

Here is a diagram from Ayre for their balanced phono stage.

RCA to XLR Phonostage

So I guess you should ideally use a 2 conductor cable with shield and connect the shield to pin 1 and to turntable chassis ground if you can.

A RCA to XLR connector may tie 1 and 2 together if it is not expecting a balanced signal. You would not want to do that for the cartridge.

I checked on my Scott and the low (shield on RCA) are not tied to chassis ground.

So, I think what you proposed is correct, with the addition that you could use 2 conductor wire and tie chassis ground to pin 1 on the XLR.

I guess the easy way is to get RCA to XLR cables and make sure that pin 2 and pin 3 are not tied together and then run a separate ground, which is common for turntables.

I am no expert, but I think that is close. Sorry for being so long winded.

For the experts - did I get it right?
I am no expert but as far as I can tell you are correct.