VPI Scout Question

Hi folks. I'm curious as to whether improvements can be obtained in the performance of the Scout by replacing the stock power cord with an aftermarket cord. I'm using the 300 rpm motor, though I doubt that matters much as far as this question is concerned. Also, if I were to upgrade the cable could I use it later on with an SDI if I added that upgrade?

Rather get a power regenerator for the motor. That will really make a difference than an exotic power cable. Or something like a motor upgrade from Origin Live...

Kind regards,
Dewald Visser
I had a Signal Cable Power cord on mine and I think that it sounded better. The Signal Cable isn't very expensive and works really well on all my other gear, so I tried it. With any audiophile "tweek" the mind always wants to hear something better, but I truly believe it made a difference for the better.
The SDS has just a regular wall plug input, so that you can use any upgraded powercord with the SDS (either between SDS and motor or even between SDS and wall.
your cartridge will make a much bigger difference than changing power supplies or cords.