VPI scout owners...Question here...

Mine is brand new, and every time I turn it on, the motor makes a sound for maybe 1 sec or less, then its all good and dandy...normal sound? Not a grinding sound.
Yes that is normal. Just the sound of the on/off contact applying current to the motor. I assume you mean that very brief, buzz as it starts up....
cool...I would hate to pack it up...lol

yeah, I could call it a buzz...
no worries. It's normal.

You might be also hearing a slight slippage of the silicone drive belt on the pulley as start up torque is applied. I've noticed this noise is more likely to occur on the 45rpm pulley. This weird little squeak also happens when the belt needs a talc application. After talcing, it doesn't happen very often.
Same here. I've noticed it varies depending on how taught the belt is. If you turn the motor on without the belt attatched it makes no sound whatsoever...for me anyway.