VPI Scout owners.,.,question 2

How hard was it to loosen the little hex screws that allow VTA adjustments?

I ask because my Dynavector DV-20X is riding very low on the LP,,,I have the proper tracking force, but I cant adjust the VTA at all,,,I am not sure how much force is too much to loosen the screws.
Shouldn't take much force at all. Make sure you loosen both screws, the one on the back and one on the side.
The screws are hard to loosen. They are torqued down pretty hard. So don't be afraid to twist.
Cool..luckily everything is set well, but its good to know...the hex driver felt that it may snap...
try a small amount of penatrating oil and give it an hour or so to work in,,,might help might not,use an extention on the hex wrench to get a little more torque apply pressure slowly ,hold wrench in manner that it wont slip out,,if that doesnt work ,call vpi,
ps,,hex wrench will bend and twist before it breaks,do not strip hex head out,if it feels like the wrench is turning without loosening the hex ,stop!