VPI Scout owners, do you use....

Is anyone using an aftermarket power cord for the VPI Scout motor ? Is it necessary or the stock is just fine ?
Thank you
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Upgrading the power cable to the motor will make a small improvement. I have tried the PS audio cable (Statement) and it makes a difference. However the difference is small. You will get a bigger improvement using the Shunyata Venom or Diamondback Platinum. The VPI SDS will make the biggest improvement.
Out of curiosity, I've tried different cables & heard no difference. I'd be curious for someone to hazard a theory as to how changing a power cord could affect the sound of a turntable motor? I'm a big believer in better power cords for most components, but the mechanism of improvement on this one one stumps me.
No, I would like to try one maybe someday but the main reason for any power cable experiment would be the loud clicking noice that comes from my speakers when I turn the motor on or off. Does anyone know what causes this and do they know of solution to cure this?
I had this problem. My fix was to plug the motor into a differant outlet.
Mordante - look on audio asylum from a few years ago. Everyone was changing the capacitors in their motors, including myself. I believe this was the reason.

Srwooten's solution would be easier though :)
To the original question. If you try other cords, make sure the IEC is small enough to clear the bottom of the plinth. Those big, circular ones may not. Also, heavy cords tend to pull on the motor due to gravity. I use one I made myself from Belden 19364. Not that I think it makes a sonic difference, but I like all my cables to be the exact length to avoid cable clutter in my extremely restricted space.
I haven't heard a difference when changing to a better cable for the SDS....I had an extra one, so I use it, but I couldn't hear a difference that I could readily detect.