VPI Scout or MDF refinish How to finish MDF


I am trying to refinish an MDF surface into a piano gloss finish.................. does any one know how to go about doing this?

Piano black is nothing more than really nice black paint. To get it to look nice you need to first get the surface smooth. Then you need to apply primer and wet sand. Repeat that last step many times until you have a perfecty smooth surface (the primer should look shiny and perfectly straight), then apply black lacquer in numerous coats and wet sand between coats (you may not have to sand between every coat). Wet sanding and buffing the final coat should make it look really nice. Getting a piano black finish takes a lot of time but it looks so sweet.
I have done this many times. I use automotive paint but it does require a sprayer and compressor. You may be better off taking the item to an auto paint shop. It requires much polishing with 400 to 1500 grit wet or dry sandpaper to remove the orange peel. And also needs to be polished with a buffing wheel or by hand with swirl mark remover. I have had fairly good results with small items using black lacquer from a spray can but it requires many coats and never gets as hard or builds up well.
Hi Ketchup, thanks and
what kind of primer?
wet send? is this a type of sanding method?

So once I have sended the unit (mdf) I believe no regular primer can be used if I wish to apply black lacquer on it correct?

Thank you

You may have trouble finding lacquer if you live in the US.
Probably even harder in Canada. Automotive paint that is called lacquer is actually acrylic.