VPI Scout Motor Questions

When I have my VPI Scout plugged in (to a P300 set on sine @60hz) but with the motor turned off I can feel intermittant vibrations/activity coming from the motor. When running the table sounds great, but I am wondering why the motor seems to be idling intermittantly when it is plugged in. It is only perceptible if I put my finger on the motor spindle with the motor off; it will be perfectly still for a second or two, then I will feel a slight vibration like the motor is trying to start up for just a second, then it will go still again. Is this normal? Why does it do this. Please no posts asking if I have multiwave on, I don't. Thanks for any info.
We'll I don't have a p300, however I didn't notice the vibrations your talking about. I would just do what everyone else seems to be doing which is upgrade to the Teres motor.
As a former owner of PS Audio's products, I can only say 'I won't go there again. I had nothing but problems with my VPI turntable motors and my Class A Krell amps. I am not an electrical engineer. But I do believe there was some kind of electronic mismatch with these products. Why not buy a VPI SDS for your Scout? Or a Walker Precision Motor Drive (worked wonders with my TNT 3.5)?