vpi scout/jmw9 arm or clearaudio graham robin arm

which is best.
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Juist heard that given how stellar Graham 's beter arms are the Robin was a disapointment.Know that VPI is excellent but would have to have others tell me which is better for the deck you are considering.One nmice thing about VPI is quick change tubes for multiple cartidges (say on Moving Ciol in stereo and a MM in Mono etc).It would be and is my choice.I am actaully so cionfident about 9" VPI I am giving up my 12.5 $2400 arm. for it.Longer versus shorter both have positive and negative tardeoff's and for me it's equal enough to get rigiidity out of smaller arm.Plus extra tgubes will be cheaper.Speaking of rigidity throw Rega in you discussion mix.There IS a reason for the RB300 being on every other deckk built in 90's.Extermel;y high valeue for money and I think that could be said of them from 250 to 1000.There big thing is eleiminating any vibration they can so no adjustabl;e this and that (like VTA-though other companies will sell ad ons to fopr Rega arms).Not a new deck but I think P9 and 1000 is as good as it get's at $4K or less and compared to others they would charge thousands more for same peformance.Wish I had read more or heard aboput Cl;earaudio but know that they make great multi arm tables,excellent cats at certain price points.But I sold Rega for a few years and even though I could have gotten Rega cheaper (it was a touch choice but I wanted multiple arms and all the upgrade paths that VPI ofers.New arms have option of Nordost(?) wire and I am sure are worth is it.But again remebered one reviewer and wish I could tell you which reveiwer it was that said that he had expected more and was dsiapointed with Graham.Used or new 1.5 and up, now that's another kettle of fish ENTIRELY.Know a Linn dealer who prefers them to Linns (or Naim's Aro) and thast's high praise indeed.Best of luck.