VPI Scout JMW 9 owners help needed

I just noticed my JMW9 tungsten carbide tip can be moved up and down by 1/4" or so when I pulled on it. It doesn't come out completely, but is that normal?

And how straight is your tungsten carbide tip? I can see my tip slightly bended with magnifier and this table only has 5 hours on it.
Is it just the tip, or the wider base it is set in. The base on the tower has a knurled ring at the bottom for adjusting VTA, if any of the two set screws on the base are loose, there could be some play up and down of the entire tower. As for the bent tip, that's not right. It should not be bent at all. Is your magnifying glass of high quality? Is it possible that what you are seeing as "bent" isn't caused by distortion through the glass?
Check to see if there is a set screw that needs tightning.
I've worried about bending mine from having to crank down so hard on the counter weight to tighten it when adjusting vtf, has anyone else worried about this, or am i just being anal.
No, it's crossed my mind as well, that's one of the reasons I've decided to have someone else align my cart.
You should not have to crank down hard on the set screw to tighten up the counterweight. Hold the counterweight between the thumb and forefinger, use the supplied wrench and turn until you feel resistance. The counterweight will be secure.

Even if you are applying "force" to it, if the armwand is seated properly (tungstan tip in the bearing cup of the arm), you won't bend the tip. If you do bend it, or if you have a bent one, it needs to be addressed as the arm will never track properly like that.
Thanks for the input.

The 2 set screws for VTA are tight, but the tip can be pulled up and down by 1/8" or so. I don't think it will create any problem since arm's weight will keep it down, but better safe than sorry.

As for the tip, I was very careful when setting my cartridge up and never exerted down force on the arm. I don't think I heard any audible difference, but then I don't know how long the tip has been "bened". No the magnifier is not very high quality, but I can see the tip slightly bend from any angles.

Guess I better give VPI a call?
Everyone at VPI was on Vacation all of last week, however they return on Tues 8/24 so give em a call.
For those of you who have similar problem, it is NOT normal.

Those nice guys at VPI will either swap you a new one if you want to ship it back (just the base, not the whole table) or you can glue it back yourself with a drop of super glue.