VPI Scout/JMW-9 or Nott. Horizon/Expressimo RB250?


Please, help me to choose TT/arm combo?
Here are my options:

1. VPI Scout/JMW-9 With Dynavector 20XH cartridge (H).

2. VPI Scout upgraded with a new 300 RPM motor, the new nitrile one piece belt, and a TNT-4 platter and bearing. Comes with JMW 9 tonearm.

3. Nottingham Horizon TT with Expressimo RB250 Rega Tonearm.

They are all around $1200. I already have Shelter 501 MKII.

Option #1: sell Dynavector and my Shelter and buy ZYX R100L or H.
Option #2: sell my Shelter to buy ZYX.
Option#3: buy Nott. Horiz. and put my Shelter on it.

Could you, please, share your experience with these TT(s)/arm(s)? What are the pros and cons of these rigs?

Thank you,
My advice is to snag the Nottingham Interspace that is for sale here on the 'Gon and put the arm of your choice on it. It is a far better table than either the Scout or the Horizon. You can't go wrong with that table.

Thank you Oz. I did get Interspace. What's your experience with different mats? Also, I know Nott. doesn't recommend to use record clamp, have you ever tried one and was it good, bad ..?
Thanks again.
I used a Michell clamp for a brief time with mixed results. Ultimately my Spacedeck sounded better "clampless". The Boston Audio Mat-1 is a great match for Notts. I have one on my Spacedeck and have heard it on the Interspace too. Until you can lay your hands on one, ditch the foam cell mat and spin the record directly on the platter. Much better.

Hey Oz, what are you using under your table? Could you share your experience in this field? Any recommendations?
I have ditched the stock MDF platform that comes with the Nott. It sits directly on a Neuance shelf. This sits on a Machina Dynamica Promethean using two Timbernation maple platforms to sandwich the springs. The pics of my system are old, the setup is almost the same except for the maple in place of the MDF and I now have a Mapleshade Samson instead of the Adona rack. I hope to update the pics soon.