VPI Scout - HELP Not sure how to pack my .......

This is really silly but I am having difficulties packing up my Aries Scout back into the original box and its case.

Could someone be kind enough to tell me what goes first (bottom) and which layer and so on and so for..........

Truly appreciate it
Oh, I know your pain. I made sure this wouldn't happen to me by taking each packing layer out and placing it upside down one on top of each other. Then, when I was done, I put everything back, in order, into the box.
Alas, since you probably didn't do this, the best advice I can suggest is to refer to your manual. The unpacking instructions start with the items on top and works its way down to the bottom. You should be able to ascertain the order from the manual.

If you still need more assistance, you'll need to get a Scout owner to walk you through it (I have a Scoutmaster, so it might be slightly different), or else call VPI.

Good luck!

Here are the packing instructions per Mike at VPI:

"Platter and motor go into the die cut foam on the bottom, platter to the right. The motor is placed in the die cut with the pulley up. A flat 2" sheet goes next with a small hole for the motor pulley to go into.

The chassis is placed on the foam with the motor cutout to the left. Four small pieces of foam go on the sides. A foam sheet goes on next with a cutout for the arm base and the center platter spindle. The last sheet goes on with the diecut for the arm in the lower right corner. All the parts go in the upper left cutout. After putting everything in a cardboard sheet goes on top."

Good luck.
Thank you! It worked like a charm, thanks guys