VPI Scout height with tonearm attached

I'm going to buy a custom table cover for the VPI Scout that I ordered but I need to know how tall the table is when the arm in on board. Vpi.com states 4" but that can't be right. It's probably the height without the arm.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
It depends on the VTA setting, how much you screw in the feet and any footers under the feet. Also consider that the tonearm wire loops up and adds extra height. You'd probably be safe with 9", but I would wait until I received and set up the table.
I should also have added that you will have to measure for cutouts in the back to clear the tonearm cable and power cable as well.
7.25" minimum height, the wire that comes out of the tonearm naturally bows at 8.25" though, so if you went between 7.25-8.25 inches, you would have the cover pressing on the wire everytime you put in on. I would recommend at least 8".

My Gingko cover that was custom made tabletop version for the Scout is 10.5" measured to the top of the cover.