VPI Scout Ground Hum

Finally got this thing up and running and sounding pretty damn good. My first attempt at setting the VTF and azimuth was a challenge, everything sounded flat and just off, so I went back to the drawing board, realigned the cartridge and then VTF and azimuth and...BOOM, everything just came into focus and sounds "right" to me.

Anyway, having a bit of a hum issue with no music playing. I am using VPI's phono interconnects with the build in ground wire and of course the ground from the base of the tonearm underneath the table to the terminal box, but it's still there. Stops completely when I put my finger on the binding post of the phono terminal box or on the plug that goes from the tonearm cable to the terminal box...I know this is a common issue with Scouts...anyone got a fix?

As always, thanks in advance, you all are great and have been so helpful thus far.


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I had the same problem when I had a Scout. I fashioned an auxiliary ground wire from some magnet wire and ran an additional ground from the terminal box to the ground terminal on my preamp.