VPI Scout...ET2 tonearm or JMW9

Hello, I am considering buying a Scout as an upgrade to my JR table rather than taking the MKIV path. As I already own a ET2 linear tracking tonearm, would it be reasonable to use this over the highly touted JMW9.

What opinion of the Scout can I get as opposed to upgrading the JR to a MKIV with the "black night" platter.

Thanx in advance
if you have the space continue on your upgrade path to the mk lV....the scout is great, but the vpi mk IV is on a par with other classic tables...a little better sounding in every way, like comparing rega's 25 to their 9.
I just checked the VPI website and found that the HW19MKIV uses the same platter as the aries now with the inverted bearing. I'm also thinking that the ET will not fit on the Scout but I'm not so sure about keeping it as it's a bit finicky and I can't seem to get a setup jig to remount it.

Does anyone use the MK IV without the suspension?

Alun, VPI will be able to tell you if the ET2 can be mounted on the Scout. Also, they have always been willing to pre-drill their tables for any tonearm. I don't think that has changed.

I have lived with an ET2 on a VPI MkIII for many years and have always obtained excellent results from that combination. It is hard for me to imagine that the JMW9 could give better results, but I've not heard it. At the same time, I have never found the ET2 to be the least finicky. One needs to take some time and care setting it up initially, but I've always found it to be very stable and reliable over time. As always, YMMV.
Hello Alun.The dimensions for mounting an ET-2 can be found in the back of the manual...simple math.Once familiar with the set up proceedure..it is a relatively easy task.Not the least bit finicky in my opinion. On a suspension type table,great care must be taken to make sure it is dead level. The et-2 lends itself better to a quality table without suspension.I use one on large Melco table with a 70 lb brass platter,as well as the original Sumiko "the Arm" on the same table.Most of the modern pivotal tonearms such as the SME 5 were voiced using David Fletcher,s "THE ARM" as a referance. My Et-2,s performance is everbit as good as the sumiko when used with a surge tank. Cheers David
Thanx for all the responses. Your right!!! I think I'm going to pull my for sale add and simply upgrade the table with the new Aries platter and inverted bearing and maybe later the SAMA motor.

Sounds like a good plan. From everything I've heard about the Aries bearing and platter, I think you'll like the results.