VPI Scout Cartridge

Wondering whether Soundsmith Carmen or Ortofon Black will work well with VPI Scout. Want to spend around $600. What cartridges do you guys recommend for Scout
Grado Sonata 1 is also a good choice.
It works well on my Scoutmaster.
This is covered, including a response from VPI, in a current or very recent thread.
Check the " VPI Traveller" thread.
LOL Stanwal!!! That "Time Traveller" thread also belonged to Bithead2010. I guess he wasn't happy with the answers so he decided to ask again.
Just buy a cartridge already Bithead2010. Either Soundsmith or Ortofon will work fine.
Sorry for repeating the question. The first thread was concerning the traveller vs scout. I have decided on the scout and just wanted some recommendations on cartridges since the tone arms are a very different design
A great cartidge is the dynavector 20x. with the scoutmaster. It sounded better than the benz ruby.