VPI Scout cart pairing

Trying to find out what cartridge to pair with the scout. Rock is the main thing for this TT. Also, trying to not buy a mc phono. Unless everyone thinks it's the best way to go. Hope there is some great input.
I've used a Dynavector 10X5 with good results and just recently a Dynavector 17D3 with much better results. Of course, the 17D3 is about $600 more.
I listen mainly to rock and jazz with some female vocals sprinkled in.
Dear Craw13: There are some good alternatives like Nagaoka MP-50/500, Clearaudio Maestro, Reson Reca or Ortofon 2MBlack, all these cartridges can match your tonearm and priorities.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Denon 160 is a high output MC that works well. I sell VPI and use it as a demo cartridge. Years ago it and the Dynavector were about the same price but the Denon is currently available for $100 or so. The Dynavector is also very good, probably a little better but is more expensive. I sell them too so I obviously think they work well in the VPI. Note, I don't sell on the internet so am not trying to make a sale.
I second the Denon 160, great sound and value.
I would recommend the Dynavector 20XH as a good compromise of value and performance. I use the low output version with great results. VPI sells a hybrid version of this cartridge specifically designed for their tables, so this is a safe choice.
But as the original poster requested, a hope of not having to go to MC, and an additional Phono Stage-SUT.

A very good MM, which I'm afraid has recently gone up in price, is the Audio Technica AT-150MLX. They were selling for $249 shipped from places like JR Music, and the same price plus shipping from LP Gear.

I've read mixed reviews-accounts of the Denon DL-160 from some users, claiming lackluster sound. The Denon 103 usues a conical Stylus, said to be good, but let's face it, one can do better, with better Stylus profiles in this day, and age.

Conicals have NEVER been said to be extremely quiet in the groove, it's not in thier nature to be.

Clearaudio good, yes, but you'll pay an inflated price, for what many are in essence re-badged Cartridges, with components originating from Audio Technica.

Many good high output MC Cartridges, but the worry is, will your phono stage have enough gain, without cranking the volume control to 9? Mark
Not an MM but I use a Lyra Dorian in with Scout.
I second Cruz123 recommendation of a Dynavector 20X special version which has a 1.0 millivolt output. I have this cartridge paired with a VPI Scout and I am very pleased with the combination.
The Dynavector from VPI has a 1 mv output, so it is too low output for a MM stage.
The Dynavector from VPI has a 1 mv output, so it is too low output for a MM stage.

To clarify my earlier post, I recommended the 20Xh, which is the high output version and compatible with MM.
I don't see a point in havein a high output MC. To me it kind of defeats the purpose of a MC cart. if you want hight output by MM or MI. If you want low output buy MC.
what does everyone think of the grado Sonata? better, worse, same as the dyna? or Audio Technica?

the local shop has the sonata in stock... and I can get it tomorrow.
and how about the Benz Micro Ace?
i ended up going with the dyna 10x5ho! i appreciate all of the help!