VPI Scout Belt Noise

Hi folks. I'm using the Scout with the 300RPM motor upgrade. I'm hearing a lot of noise from the belt. It screeches when I start the table spinning and then makes considerable noise when turning as the belt grabs and releases the platter. Is this normal? Has anyone tried applying talc or some other substance to quiet the belt? Thanks for the thoughts.
Get yourself a Ziplock bag and some baby powder. Put the belt in the bag with some powder and shake it. -Problem solved.
Janikian. Did it. Stopped the noise. Thanks.
I did the baby powder thing, and the start up noise stopped right away...
Interesting note. I emailed Mike at VPI when at the same time I put up the post. He said to put a little lightweight machine oil on your finger, rub it in and then touch the inside of the belt while the plattter is spinning. Totally new paradigm! P.S. the noise came back after a few plays with the baby powder method and it is also a little messy. I'm going to try the oil. I'll let you know.
Hey there Dodgeelum...
I have the scout and it too sometimes screech. The trick is to get the belt from the bottom of the spindle on the motor, don't let it touch the lower (45rpm) spindle, that will solve your problem. If this still exists, then you need to make sure the belt is not to twisted when its put on.