VPI Scout and Lyra

You rarely see Scout owners running Lyra cartridges. Anyone try this combination and what has been your experience? Is there a compliance, weight or some other reason the Lyra's do not work well with the JMW-9? Anyone try the Delos or Kleos in this set up or are these overkill on this table?
A few years back, I had a Lyra Dorian in my JMW-9 arm, and the combination seemed to work quite well. I replaced it with a Dynavector XX2MKII, and have had that combination for three years or so.

I have a Lyra Dorian in my VPI Scout. I think it is a good combo. IMHO the Dorian the Dorian is much better then a Glider or Ace in combo with a VPI Scout.
I'm about to start using a Lyra Helikon mono with a JMW9 arm. I plan on using a 3g weight to increase arm mass and provide optimum resonance. Really looking forward to hearing it.
I used a Lyra Argo and later a Lyra Skala on my Scout and got really great sound. My table went through many tweaks and I'm now using a different tonearm but if I were using the more or less stock Scout I would definitely want to try the Lyra Delos.
The JMW arms really like Benz and Dyna cartridges, although the Lyra cartridge and many others work well also.
How about Lyra Delos or Kleos with Rega P700 arm and Rega P5 ?
Bit different than your question, but I have a Lyra Delos on my VPI Classic and the combination is working very well.
I have a Lyra Delos on my Rega P9/RB1000 tone arm - a great match. Does require spacers to make the VTA right.