VPI Scout 2 vs. Classic 1 vs MOFI ultradeck

I am looking to upgrade my old Luxman PD 284 with Grado red turntable.  I have always desired a VPI table, in part as I grew up nearby their factory.  My spouse does not like the new sculpted plinths so I have been scouring the web for new old stock Classics.  I have found a few as well as a couple of Scout 2's which got some great reviews in the past. The rest of my system is a Leben 600 tube amp, LFD LE phone stage and vintage Spendor SP1 speakers.
Any opinions on the Classic  and the Scout 2 ( which won the all important wife's look test)?  Or should I bag the NJ connection and but a MOFI ultra deck, or the Funk Firm LSD?
The scout is a great turntable contrary to what I thought in the past which turned out to be cartridge issues.  For the money, not many can compete.  The Technics 1200GR is also a very good table that punches well above its price point.
Thanks for your response; just want to clarify I was referring to the old Scout 1.1 and 2 models.
i would think with the right cartridge and possibly the longer tonearm; it would sound great

I can speak directly about comparing the VPI Classic & MoFi ultra.

Had the opportunity to demo the Ultra in my system. I have a Classic that’s 6 years old.

Its automatically unfair because the MoFi comes with MM cart, and I have a decent LOMC.

IMO however, out of box the MoFi is certainly nicer looking and performs better than a price competitive Rega or Project. The supplied cart is nice, but you can hear its limitations,being a MM cart. I have a phonostage that can put a cart in its best light. If you get one, and already have a favorite. cart, buy it without the cart.

I think if I mounted my existing cart to the MoFi, it may sound close, but the VPI would audibly(subjectively) sound more convincing(perhaps the mass build?) Aesthetics , the VPI gets my vote. The MoFi still has a budget table look.

A used Classic/Scout w a decent cart IMO, is the better performer based on cost/sonics.

Thanks for the input.  It amazes me how much hype there is in the retail sector these days.

Have you any experience with the Scout 2?

Thanks again
Do a search, there should  be owners giving perspective on Scout/Classic comparison.

"It amazes me how much hype there is in the retail sector these days."
Just like any market-sell the sizzle,not the steak!

I do believe the Classic design by sheer mass, may have a more positive effect on overall performance?
Also, it has the longer arm.

As tzh21y mentions,  the Technics also is solid. More accurate as far as speed stability goes. I don't care for the aesthetic of the Technics. 

The VPI speed  accuracy shortcoming isn't a deal breaker for me. VERY subtle, and you may even know notice till you use the ADS controller.

Make sure you are going to be happy with a unipivot tonearm. They take some getting used to and are more difficult to set up that a standard tonearm
Yes I have heard the same. I’m just not sure the mofi is as sonically pleasing 
But since you brought it up ; what exactly do you mean regarding unipivot arms?
IMO, there isn’t a big deal handling a unipivot arm.
You simply adopt a careful routine, and never RUSH things. It may appear to be strange, since the arm can flop around, but the cue is what keeps things in check.

Cue lever ALWAYS up, position arm over record,lower cue.

End of record, raise arm with cue, return to base. No issues.

Never understood users complaints?

Setup is straightforward, if you take your time,since  you have to repeat steps to get specs close.
Right, not a big deal just kind of a big deal. 

I have owned plenty of tonearms including three different unipivots.
You should handle one before you buy one. 

As the above poster pointed out they are more difficult to handle and require additional care