VPI Scout 1.1 "Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Tragedy struck this morning as I carefully slid a "Swiffer Dry" dust cloth across my turntable surface AND under the arm...I am still numb...I looked back to admire my work and saw my 2M Black weeping. The cantilever  was bent to 45* off center, ouch$$$$!
So here's the question, do I keep my VPI Scout 1.1, perhaps upgrade the cart and carry on...OR step back and assess, new table and cart...? I most likely would buy a used table. Not sure about a cart but I'm not sure I want to pay ~$600 to get the 2M Black operational. I am running a CiAcoustic phono pre...

Also, how does the Scout 1.1 hold up when compared to a newer generation of tables?
Your thoughts please.
Keep the table.  Good table.

Get a replacement cantilever / stylus.

Live happily ever after.
Obviously, the most economical option is to buy a replacement Black stylus. There's an "open box" one, from an authorized dealer, right now on eBay for $360. I would jump on it right now before its gone. 
I have 2M Black that saw little use on my VPI classic before I had to try  MC.   Let me know if interested.