VPI Scout 1.1 Cartridge Recommendation

I'm planning to get a VPI Scout 1.1. This is my first foray into vinyl, so I could really use some help in selecting a cartridge. In my search, I've come across the Dynavector 20X2 and Ortofon Quintet Black as interesting options in my price range. Any thoughts on these or any other cartridges I should be considering?
My system is McIntosh C2300/MC352, B&W804D's, Luxman DA-06, MacBook Pro.

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It looks like the phono stage in your McIntosh C2300 has 60 dB of gain. That should be plenty for most LOMC's.

Most popular choices for VPI tables are Dynavectors, Lyras, or Sumiko. I've run all of these, and tend to lean towards the Dynavectors.

Obviously you are not limited to these choices, I'm currently running a Ortofon Cadenza on my VPI to good effect.