VPI Scout

Hi all I bought a VPI scout here on the gon with no motor or tone arm , and trying to set it up is going to be a project ..

I bought a motor for it and it's a Hurst/300 need to make a pod for it ..

I pickup a rega rb300 they say that it's a drop in for it i just don't see it since the shaft of the tonearm is short and the nut dosn't make it to tighten the arm . do i need to buy anything to make it work ...

Here am thinking this was going to be a easy project and now am stump ..

I also would like the dimension of the motor housing so I can make one or should I just buy the housing from VPI ..

So any help is appreciated and many thanks in advance to all ...
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Have you tried calling VPI for information? I have found them typically very helpful with great customer service.
Turntables are not 'easy' unless you buy a complete one.
Changing arms is a huge undertaking for a beginner.
This is more for other newbies, than for the op.
Do not buy an incomplete TT. Never buy one missing some part. (counterweights missing are common, you will NEVER find one...)
It is NOT easy to fix, not to get parts together to work.
A strange motor, and what pulley? a different arm? and the drilled hole in the wrong location?
Ahh just sad for the op here.
I would contact VPI for help and/or go to a high-end shop in your area.
Take a look at Pete Riggle VTA products for Rega arms. Also, check DIY motors on Ebay (Absolutely HiEnds) or Google DIY Hifi Supply.

I assume your are on a budget and have some DIY skills.
Luckily you weren't burdened with a VPI tonearm.

Good luck.
Not an EASY project.
Indeed...never take on a project that might require some effort as you may come away from the experience having learned something, and nobody wants that.
On the early Scout, the motor pod is roughly 4" x 5" x 2.5" exterior, and is extremely sturdy (steel?) with 1/2" tall cylindrical rubber feet on the bottom. The top plate has a circular mounting for the motor, which appears to be centered in both length and width dimensions. If you can buy one I'm sure you'll have better results than building one. There are other motors, such as the Teres motor which have been used to good effect on the Scout, so it might be worth checking their user forum for tips.

You can and SHOULD buy a Rega template which will show you exactly where you need to mount the tonearm relative to the center spindle. If you get this wrong, the turntable will never play right, it's one of the most critical dimensions. I'd second the recommendation for the Pete Riggle VTA adapter, which will require a larger hole, I think maybe 25mm, but I don't remember for sure. See http://www.vtaf.com/3ptmount.html for more info.

Good luck with the project. The Scout is a nice basis for learning what works, and can be built up to a very high standard.