VPI Scount to Prime, now static

So ever since I upgraded from the scout to the Prime (acrylic platter to aluminum) i've been greeting static.  I notice it when pulling the record away from platter.  Snap, crackle, pop!

my question: is the steel plate on the bottom of the platter in contact with the metal bearing?  Not knowing this, I rigged up a nail with a small spring from a pen stuck over the top of the nail. I took a wire and soldered it to the nail and stuck this nail in a small piece of wood. I took this contraption and placed it under the TT so that the spring touched the bearing connected to the pen. I then took the wire and connected it to the TT ground. 

im hoping this will draw the static charge off the mat and ground it.  I'd like to just tie to the metal plate and simplify my contraption. 

Do you have a Zerostat by Milty, if not try one they are a reasonable priced tweek and really work well.

Is it possible that you are carrying the static charge and discharging when coming in contact with the metal platter while removing the record? That could be the case as you wouldn’t get that with the acrylic platter. I solved that problem by getting a 3 inch by 4 inch anti-static mat which is partially under the turntable for aesthetic reasons. I simply touch the mat and discharge myself. You connect the wire from the mat to the center screw that holds the cover to your wall outlet. It works like a charm and only cost around 25.00. A lot cheaper than the Milty Zerostat which is going for around 100.00 these days.
I've read mixed reviews on the Zerostat, and questionable quality of the item itself. 

As for the antistatic mat - while I don't have one what I do do is touch the screw on my light switch right next to the audio rack right before I touch the TT. The screw is grounded to the box which is grounded to the house. 
Also, I'm not sure how to tell a static pop from a dirt pop. It would seem that if it's a static pop you should hear it from both channels at the same time but I'm not sure how static manifests itself. 

Also, even if your platter is properly grounded can an lp still have static build up?
I like the acrylic better.  I like the sound it produces