VPI scale down and up please see this and .....

Just put up post asking if anybody could tell me price/performace of carbon fibre racks (two of them) from Wilson Bnesch.My free flow conciosness (or lack there of) led me to ask VPI owners about choices.I want to go from big ass Extended VPI Aries to smaller deck no bigger than Black Knight (smaller Aries) or Scotmaster.I am not sure Knight will be new Aries 3 (which itself seems like yet another marketing ploy by VPI) or if it will be in left over Aries 1 & 2 chasis.9" will just make me lose something I rarely use (VTA on fly.What I want more is outer clamp,SDS,signature 9",new anti skate etc etc etc.Please read other post and it gives more detailed questions.Just look for Wilson Benesch in general audio when doing search.