VPI SAMA Setup: Help please?

I bought a VPI SAMA yesterday and installed it with my HW 19 MKIII. I have a question about the installation and the folks at VPI are not available until Tuesday.

When I set up the SAMA I had trouble getting it aligned with the hole in the plinth. It seems that the housing for the SAMA has to be nearly touching the wooden base in order for the pulley shaft to clear the edge of the hole in the plinth without rubbing. The pulley shaft is very close to the edge of the hole closest to the platter. Shouldn't it be closer toward the center of the hole? Is it necessary to cut away some of the wood on the base in order to move the SAMA closer into the corner of the base, so that the pulley is closer to the center of the hole? Has anyone outh there had similar problems? My 19 MKiii is about 13 years old. Could it be that there have been changes made to the turntable's base on more recent models?

I'd appreciate any help.


I bought a HW-19 mk III with SAMA. When I was setting it up, I noticed that there was some wood ground down in the rear left corner of the wood base. It looks like a dremel tool or something was used to do this, as the notch was smooth and round. So I would say yes, it is necessary to cut back some of the wood.

Thanks. The VPI instruction sheet is pretty bad. It talks about cutting a notch in the "skirt" for the SAMA power cable, but doesn't say anything about cutting the base to accomodate the motor itself. It also mentions a flywheel that is goes onto the pulley, but it wasn't in the box. Does yours have the flywheel?
Yes, mine has a flywheel, it came on the pulley shaft. I did buy mine used though. VPI's directions are not good, but they are resposive to e-mails and phone calls. Copy and paste the link below for contact info.