VPI's website down

Just tried to access the VPI users forum, all I got was a sign saying it was taking a break.  Anyone know what's going on with VPI?


This comment from audioasylum user "Waxxy" over there:

I doubt you will see the VPI forum again.

It started as a fun place to share our pride & joys and quickly became a repository for all the glitches and problems with VPIs. There was almost zero participation from VPI itself. The forum was bad publicity for VPI. It’s dead.


Something must be in the water, or the air lately...
Speaking of glitches I have a local friend with a spare 3D wand that shipped with the wrong height, or thrust pad seating, or something. Trying to mount his EXPENSIVE VanDenHul was a disaster until he figured that out and fixed it. USA small audio manufacturers: please get your s**t together, please?

To VPI's credit, my friend's HR-X is pretty dope with a properly adjusted 3D arm on it.

Thanks for the link @mulveling.

Unfortunately, I think that poster is correct, although it didn't have to be that way.  There was a lot of good information on VPI's forum and hopefully, it is not lost completely now.  It was a good resource to find answers to potential problems that occur on most if not all tables (routine maintenance, set up etc.).


The downside to the site (as the AA poster points out) is there were a lot of problems that went unaddressed or ignored by VPI, which is a real shame.  These types of things also happen regularly (and not just in audio) and if responded to appropriately, would become a record of just how well a company responds to its customer base.  Instead, it became a record of the screw ups and poor customer service on full display.  This is an unforced error and easily avoided.  It is really a shame.

My password got kicked out on the site almost two years ago and I was never able to get it fixed. I sent many messages to the moderators and was ignored. Never made sense to me that I could never log back on. I finally got a response from Matt about four months ago that came to nothing in the end.

Full disclosure this is Mat from VPI if you weren't sure from the user name :)

Hey everyone, not the case at all.  We have been working bringing a newer version of our forum with all the old content archived for sometime.  The problem started when users had problems posting and we had issues with recovering emails and logging in.  Than I was getting locked out as well and for the longest time could only perform admin tasks on one computer it was already logged in on.  The message on the support side has been our forum platform was incompatible with the updates our service provider made with our site

The long and the short of it is as we speak Claire my operations manager and myself have been working to recover the old forum with ALL of its content as an archived resource. 

Our plan is to bring it back and have the original atmosphere we had when we first started the forum.  

In general the main focus has been to keep production moving during the continued struggles of COVID-19.   We are still moving forward and working to continue producing during the supply chain crisis.  So far my current team has done some amazing things during these difficult times and I think we are going to see more good things including our new forum in the not too distant future. :)

Thanks all and hope this cleared up some questions/concerns.


The long and the short of it is as we speak Claire my operations manager and myself have been working to recover the old forum with ALL of its content as an archived resource.


Mat-  What does this mean?  Will the new site have all of the old posts transferred to it and available for access and viewing by the public?  Or by "archived" do you mean stored in an internal VPI library that only VPI can access?


  I think it would be a good idea to get brf back as a moderator and answering technical  questions. He was and is an invaluable resource of knowledge who was greatly missed as you already know.

The VPI forum took a lot of pressure off VPI's customer service team, especially when questions were more of a technical nature. 


Is the VPI forum still down? When it first went down I was getting the "404" message. When I go there now all I'm getting is a blank page. When I accessed the forum from the VPI website I get the same blank page. Am I missing something? Thanks.