vpi,rega,shelter match?

Looking to upgrade the arm and cartridge on my vpi IV. Phono is cat sig.3. The dealer recommends the rega 1000 with the shelter 501 and new arm board from vpi. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
The Rega 1000 will do well with the Shelter 501.

I think the OL Silver or Encounter would be a better sounding choice of arms. Same Rega mounting board.

You'll definitely need the VTA adjusting collar in any case. The OL arms come with it. I don't know if the Rega 1000 does or not. You may need to slightly file the armboard hole open by an additional 1/16" or so, to accomodate the VTA collar. It's an easy job.
As I was half asleep when I posted, the table is the HW-19 lV. Sorry for the omission.