Vpi Prime Scout (New) vs Well Tempered

I am a new member and I need some help. I'm looking for a new turntable to replace my Clearaudio Emotion with Concept mc cartridge and ended up in two choices: Vpi Prime Scout(New) with Kiseki Blue cartridge and Well Tempered Versalex with Soundsmith Zephyr cartridge. Is there anybody who has listened to these two choices in comparison? My music preferences are Jazz, classical, folk and indie music. Which is the best & most value for money choice for me?



I have had 3 VPI tables and currently have a Prime.  I had an original Scout and the new Scout Prime is a huge upgrade.  The VPI tables are reliable, heavy and sound excellent on all types of music.  I will admit I am not a fan of a turntable whose arm uses a fishing line and a golf ball in the design.  Reminds me of a home brew garage project.  I wonder if the Titleist golf ball sounds better than another brand of golf ball?

The VPI is a table you can use for 20 or 30 years and then pass it down to another family member where it will keep on working.

First off the tables are at two different prices points.  The well tempered  Versalex is one away from WT top player. I assume you would be buying that WT used and the VPI New?

I would suggest buying VPI used as well if you can setup a table. Used market comes with risks but is more bang for the buck. Risk can be mitigated with smart buying.

I personnel believe that you can't go wrong with either tables. Put this in context you are buying a really nice table no matter which direction you choose. 

Honestly the WT and VPI are just different flavors. From my extensive exposure to VPI and small experience with WT I could be very happy with either. 

VPI seems to have a wider sound stage and bigger sound. a More neutral sound and more forward. More bloom in the bass slightly rounded. 

The well tempered seems to be warmer. More laid back in presentation. A more taut bass. It does have a very nice almost tube sound in the mids but probably not as accurate at the VPI,

They are both really nice. Just different flavors. People love both and a lot of people say WT best VPI tables. I didn't feel that way just thought they were different sounding tables. 

I while back I started a thread regarding the aluminum platter vs the acrylic.  VPI currently just offers aluminum.  I believe the well tempered is acrylic.  I know many will disagree but the acrylic just sounds more like real music to me than the aluminum.  So I would bet the Well Tempered would fit my needs better.  I have a VPI scout and have both platters.  The aluminum sits in the box and I will probably sell it.  I just do not like the overall tone of the table with the aluminum. ymmv but the acrylic just sounds more real to me.  i will say the that the aluminum is much more lively and seems a bit quieter.  maybe with the right turntable platter mat it would be ok.

I don't believe you are familiar with the Well Tempered turntables. True they don't have the glitz and glamour appearance of the VPI's, but all one has to do is listen to the WT's. Their sonic capabilities are there in spades.....


The last Well Tempered I heard was about 5 years ago.  My thoughts were they are nothing special and build quality not up too par compared to VPI.  I like VPI, have had 3 of their turntables and likely my current Prime will be the last turntable I buy.  I listen to 75% digital so 4K for a turntable was my limit.

Thank you all for your interesting thoughts and suggestions. Yesterday, I listened a Cleraudio Performance dc turntable with new Tracer tonearm & Charisma MM cartridge and i was very impressed .Sounded with great dynamics and wonderful clarity. The confusion grew because there are now three players.I was not impressed the body of music. My confusion grew because there are now three players. It' a brain teaser!!!!
Αfter several hours of listening I finally came to another suggestion. I bought Project RPM 10 carbon with Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge. I liked the powerful sound, the great sound stage, the smooth and more natural reproduction.I think it is a value for money turntable . Merry Christmas!!!