VPI Prime or Scout or ???

Hi all,

I’m new to record players. I’ve always been a digital music person. That said, I’ve got s nice setup now and am looking for a record player for occasional records. I won’t be too serious about it and digital will remain my main source.

i know with some of the higher end players there is a learning curve but was hoping for something not too difficult to learn.

Being from NJ, I was pretty interested in VPI. I’m not sure I quite understand the differences between the Prime and Prime Scout. The Prime would probably be near the top of my budget. Also, I have no idea which cartridge to get. 

For context, I’ll mostly be listening to vintage jazz and rock. The turntable would feed into the Phono stage of my Mytek Manhattan. Any suggestions welcome! There is a pretty good deal on a Prime Scout I’m looking at so that’s why I figured I’d ask the experienced people here.
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I’ve been using the Rega for a few days now and it sounds spectacular. I’m not sure what improvements I’d get with more expensive TTs, but I’m happy. I have a pretty amazing setup for digital, and most of the records I’ve played sound better than the digital version. I’m using the Phono stage in the Mytek Manhattan II so the path is exactly the same for digital, but the turntable path is 100% analog. Very impressed so far.
@mayoradamwest I was previously using a Rega RP3 with Denon DL-110 for a few years.  Prior to that I had a VPI Classic 1 with Dynavector 20x2 L.  I sold the Classic 1 to fund the purchase of a PS Audio Direct Stream DAC (which is absolutely fantastic as far as digital goes).

I ended up with the Rega RP3 not long after buying the PS Audio DSD because I couldn't stay away from vinyl all that long.  I was amazed at the value it brought to the table, comparing it to my memory of the Classic/Dynavector combo.  

But, as things tend to go in this hobby, I was bit by the bug here recently and decided to upgrade to a Prime Scout.  The Prime was out of my reach at the moment.  I bought a Soundsmith Otello to go with it.  I am really enjoying the combination a lot.  It has fantastic dynamics, good transparency, tracking, and noise floor.  The one thing I do miss about the Rega compared to the Prime Scout is the Rega/Denon combo definitely brought more warmth and texture to the table.  I'm curious what your experience has been with the RP8 in that regards.  I had considered moving up the Rega line prior to buying the Prime Scout.

i have the VPI Prime with Bearpaws and a 1200gr TT. 

The VPI is  better, but not $2300 better. They are much closer than most would want to admit. 

The 1200GR is no looker, but it grows on you. 

The 1200 plus a Nagaoka MP-500 MM cart, $2300 +/ all in if you have the phono pre and your set for casual listening, plus you can change our headshells and try different carts. A set it and forget it set up that will last.