VPI Prime - How Often Do You Use the Adjustable VTA Base?

I have a Scout 1.1 with Soundsmith MIMC Star, and have been very pleased with it and am seriously considering upgrading to the Prime. I know it has a heavier platter and better arm, just curious as to how often owners of this table use the VTA. My lp collection is approaching 2,000 and I play regular lps, 180 gram, and 200 gram, new and old. Thank you for your time!
I never used it on my Prime after arm set up.  
I use in when I change out my arm wands with pre loaded cartridges, 4 of them. Once I set it up initially for 180 gram albums I don't touch it. Actually you can adjust your arm on the fly if you are very careful.
By the way did you ever get your Scout motor quieted down? I have the same issue with my Prime that I have had for over 2 years, use it with a peripheral ring, SDS and either a Stillpoints or BDR clamp, it is so bad that when I shift it to 45 rpms it sounds like a weed eater, finally just quit buying 45s. Solved my problem with the VPI Single Motor Flywheel and am trying to get a fix for the Prime motor as we speak.
I use it for every LP.   Its a great feature and is critical for certain stylus types.  I have a Shiabata shaped stylus that is very sensitive to small differences in a records thickness.  Eliptical shapes are less critical from what I understand.  what cartridge are you using
Thank you all for the replies. I do appreciate it.

tooblue - I did have noise from the Scout motor about every six months or so - it would just start up for no reason. I would jiggle the spindle up and down and put a drop or two of that Purple X racing oil (somewhere that was recommended) around the base of the shaft at the point it entered the motor housing and it stopped. Last time the noise started I removed the plastic spindle the belt goes around and underneath that was a copper bushing and that is where all the noise was coming from. I could not see what purpose it served - I guess just a spacer of some sort - so I removed it and the motor has been quiet since and works fine. Not a great solution, but it worked. Interestingly enough, the motor in my old VPI record cleaner is making a little noise also - but it works fine.  

soundwatts - I am using a Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC Star on the Scout 1.1, and am sending that off this week to them for re-tip before the 2 year warranty runs out, (I spoke with them today). So, I will be using an original Zephyr I just had re-tipped by Soundsmith on the Prime if I get it, until the MIMC Star comes back. 
So line contact stylus. Vta tower would be of great value to you if you have 2k albums. Treat yourself to the prime it's a great table and the 3d printed arm is amazing 
only once when I set up the arm
I also recommend the Prime as it is the cheapest way to get the 3D arm.