VPI Platter Spinning SLOWLY

I've tried two different lubricants (Super Lube and Shimano Dura Ace Grease) for my VPI Classic 2 platter and it still does not spin properly. I removed and re-applied grease and it spins fine for about 5 minutes, then it slows down immensely. If I remove/re-install the platter, it spins smoothly again but only for a short period of time. Anyone experience this before and know a fix? Thanks
How much grease are you using? You should be using a very small dab on top of the ball bearing only. Too much grease with an inverted bearing with a tight tolerance may cause it to bind.
Just a dab. Then I distribute the grease around the bearing and on the spindle.
Have you cleaned out the female part of the bearing as well, grease can get stuck between the two bronze sleeves there. From your description it sounds like you have too much grease. I use Viper Lube by Locktite item # 36784

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Don't put any grease on the shaft. As the previous poster noted, do a through cleaning of the bearing assembly.
You do not need to lube the shaft, the bearing inserts are made out of self lubricating material.
Check plastic pulley on the motor. There should be a small Allen wrench site on the side. Make sure it is tight.
What is your method for pulling the bearing out to access the well?

Thank you all for the suggestions.
Belt slipping?
The belt is slipping but only because the platter is seizing.
You cannot pull out bearing just use a couple of paper towels and get out as much grease as you can from the female part, you have clearly overdone the grease. Brf is correct don't lubricate the shaft just put a dap of grease on the top of the top of the shaft at the ball bearing.

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Clean and lightly talc the belt.

The Dura Ace grease should work very well. It's a sticky low-speed lubricant.

When the platter starts spinning slowly, is it really stiff? That motor has pretty high torque.

I'd call VPI. Everybody is back from RMAF.
You should be using white lithium grease
Grease with a teflon (PTEE) additive will have a lower coefficient of friction than just lithium grease. The better performing greases also use synthetic oil as the base as oppose to mineral oil.
Why not get in touch with VPI? They know it's good PR to have satisfied customers.
Why don't you just contact VPI with your issue . They have excellent customer support. They e-mailed me with an answer to my question on Sunday morning. Can't get better than that.

I had a similar issue and found I was using too much white lithium grease.
I cleaned everything off really well and put a very small amount on the bearing. worked fine then.
Use a qtip to clean out the shaft on the platter. You can use a little 91% isopropyl alcohol. Get out all the goop all the way up into the bearing cup. Use a few more and clean the thrust next. Wipe it all down so there's no grease anywhere. Clean off the platter on the sides where the belt goes--use a little non ammonia windex to degrease.

Put a tiny dab of super lube at the top of the thrust bearing just as big around as the tip of the bearing. None on the shaft at all. Place the platter straight down and give it a turn. That's all you need to do.

Then wash the belt using a little dawn dish soap and rinse well. Dry it. Put into a ziplock and add some talcum or baby powder. Seal the bag and lightly coat the belt. Shake off the extra. Now with clean hands put the belt back on the pulley and around the platter. You are good to go for another 9-12 months. The belt won't squeak on startup either.
If your Classic is relatively new, the platter comes with a dry lubricant on it already. It may need to be lubed after a year or two. I got the Classic platter for my Superscoutmaster/rim drive, and made the mistake of putting lube on the bearing. When I got the platter into the well, it was so tight, it didn't turn at all. I contacted VPI who told me to remove the lube that I put on, clean out the well, and try again. Its running perfectly now.
Stringreen, how did the Classic platter compare to your former Super Platter?

Sorry for the slight thread derail.
I removed all the grease from all the components, including the platter, using a combination of alcohol wipes and isopropyl alcohol. Applied a small dab only to the bearing, and re-installed the platter. Once it set, I think it was harder to turn than before.

Would VPI be open to me bringing the TT to their shop in NJ to take a look? I'm in NYC so it's doable. I contacted them this morning around 9AM and still no response.
Does your motor work with no load on it? Does the platter spin with the belt on, with no belt, etc? Trying to isolate a frozen motor as the problem. I am sure you could get someone at VPI to look at it.
Just call VPI (check their website for their phone number), ask for Mat (good guy). Ask him if it's OK to bring it in and if so, when.
Regarding the difference between the Classic platter and the Super platter.... The Classic is much more open, extended, and faster. The Super platter may have perceived better bass, but only because all the other stuff is recessed and kind of turgid in comparison. Personally, I would not go back to the Super platter.
Stanley, still got that Super Platter? I'd like one!

I have a Super Platter - but it comes with a table equipped with a Maxxon DC motor controlled by a heavy duty regulator. I have an ad up for another table here on AG to give you an idea about the drive system, the one with the Super Platter has an identical drive system - shoot me an email if you are interested.


Taking the table into VPI tomorrow! Thanks for all the responses