VPI phono cables. Is there better synergy?

I currently have a VPI Scout with VPI's own phono cables connected to my pre. As most manufacturers will tell you, their line of cables work best with their brand of electronics.

I was thinking of trying something from Crystal Cable to see if there is an improvement. The rest of my cables are currently Audience AU-24. I have aftermarket power cords feeding all components.

Has anyone experienced any specific cables which easily outperform the VPI ones? Are the VPI phono cables really the best choice for the money?

Your constructive thoughts are appreciated.
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Do you have a VPI deck?
I used VPI phono cables with my TNT for over a year. Based on recommendations from two fellow Agoners, I tried a set of Purist Audio Venustas. Probably the most significant change I've experienced switching cables. I did cook them before use, so that probably helped. My initial reaction was a totally quiet backdrop. Ultimately, they were just better across the entire frequency range. Bass was especially improved. I'd recommend them heartily!
I used to have same VPI cables with my Aries 3 TT, then tried Cardas Neutral Reference phono cables and Cardas stays. Better everything !!!
You won't be disappointed.
I have used the VPI cables with my tables, Aries, Scoutmaster and Scout and find them quite good for the price, which makes me happy, being a dealer. They can be bettered for more money; I have had very good results with the VDH The First, Metal Screened version. They are not hideously expensive and competitive with anything else on market. I liked them so well that I became a dealer for them also.
Beats me. When I bought my Scout with factory installed 20X H.O. cartridge, I wasn't offered any VPI cables. I put in Homegrown silver lace, which doesn't mask even the smallest mote of dust.

Phono cables... difficult choice for so many reasons... give Morrow Audio PH2s or PH3s a try (60 day money back if not satisfied)... I tried the PH2s and was amazed at the results and the price to performance is very surprising... no affiliation with Morrow Audo... just a satisfied user of Morrow PH2s.

:) listening,

I have a balanced configuration and am using Anti-Cables with great satisfaction.
I suspect that finding a cable that likes your cartridge, or better yet is likely to work well with a variety of cartridges, is closer to the mark than buying a cable based on which table you have. For what it is worth I like cardas neutral reference also, but ain't sure that it is not all in my head.
Are the vpi tone arm interconnect cables directional?
Bshappard - why not complete your loom with the Audience phono cables?  They are very neutral, fast, and should work well with the rest of your signal cables.  Just my 2 cents...

I used the VPI cables on my TNT 3 with JMW 10 arm for three years, then switched to Cardas Golden Cross.......Nite and Day improvement, and gave me what I want!

Warm midrange, clear extended high frequencies, tuneful bass, and big soundstage!