vpi phono cables

has anyone had any exp.with these??
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They are very good cables. The cables are made by a well known cable maufacturer and tailored for the VPI table and tonearm wire. I use the Cardas Neutral Reference only because that is what I already had. But for less money, the VPI cable is as good and perhaps better in some regards. The AR HT 130 cable also is a good budget cable but a bit bright. Jallen
The VPI cables are discovery cables.
And Discovery cables are good cables.
I have a pair of Discovery Plus for 1m RCA I will sell. $650 MSRP, I'll take $225 shipped. They are NIB.
i ordered 2 pr discovery nos ,price is good im hoping theyll work well,thanks for input
the NOS are working great for my analog rig!im getting 2 more pr. good deal!!