VPI Phono Cable

Hello, Has anyone tried, or is currently using the vpi phono cable ? If so, if you wouldn't mind, share your thoughts about the cable. thanks,
I just got mine 3 days ago. They are still breaking in. They definitely need it. At first, they were very flat sounding across the entire spectrum. VPI recommends a 30 hour break-in, but I found that after about 3 hours, they started to sound pretty good. I especially am noticing the crash of cymbals, very extended and airy. Imaging is excellent. The soundstage is still not as extended as I'm used to, but it keeps on improving. I have about 10 hours on the cables now. I feel that these will be excellent cables once they are broken in. They are hooked up to my VPI II Black Knight with the JMW 9 tonearm.
I don't believe that there is any other change other than the external ground connection from the original? In my system once I connected a ground, I picked up a Hum. I recently went to a pair of Harmonic Tech Crystal Silver Phono cables, & have the ground loops disconnected. Are other Vpi user experiencing Hum, w/ the Grounds?
It say's on the instructions that you can run a "line level" signal throught the cable and break it in faster. Haven't tried it myself.
Yeah It stinks don't bother.