VPI Periphery Ring With Clearaudio Performance

Is there any reason I can't use the VPI ring with my Clearaudio Performance? If it just fits over the edge of the record and uses the weght of the ring to hold down the disc, why can't I?

The price of the comparable Clearaudio ring seems outrageous.
I do not know of any reason why it wouldn't work. I have ordered a table with the ring but it has not yet arrived, there is nothing in my dealer info either way. But it is just a circular ring of metal, albeit a carefully machined one. If the platters are the same diameter I can see no problem. The price differential possibly stems from VPI being a domestic manufacturer and having more economies of scale. It certainly is well made, a friend has one.
I ended up buying a non-turntable specific ring here on Audiogon, let's see how it works.
The only possible problem is centering the ring. Records are not always punched with the hole dead center. So using a weight around the periphery could make this "wobble" more pronounced, affecting speed stability.

Please let us know how it works for you and if you have any problems or insights to its use. Did you buy that 100% brass ring that was being sold here?

I too ordered the TTWeights periphery ring and brass platter for my Raven One.
I had a weight already.

Should be interesting.
I got the TTWeights ring, man I am really glad I didn't spend $1200 on the Clearaudio one. This is really great.
I have the VPI Scoutmaster and ring, and the only thing I can think of is that there would need to be a minimum amount of clearance between the bottom of the cart and the very edge of the ring, which rides about a mm (or slightly less) above the surface of the record and very slightly in from the edge of the deadwax lead-in grooves. Perhaps it's possible that the cantilever doesn't raise the cart enough to avoid accidentally getting hung up....