I have several VPI turntables, I call VPI and can't get anyone on the phone about parts, I can't get anyone to answer a e-mail........Dose anyone know where a person can get a VPI turntable part ?? I need a tonearm part ?? Thanks Will
With all the audio shows around the world now, (Axpona was just this last weekend), audio companies are running themselves ragged.

Maybe VPI has just been very busy recently.
Try http://www.elusivedisc.com/

Also what part do you need?

Same here Will. Have left a few messages and emails in the last few days.
I have had troubles getting them on the phone, but they have been responding to e-mails within 24 hours. My guess is as Mofi suggests, the Axpona show has them a bit back logged. I know they were late getting my new pulley out to me. In fact, I'm still waiting for it as I write this.

It can be frustrating, but it's part of the business. I've had slow service issues with other manufacturers around show times too.
...I recommend patience. VPI will respond - they are very customer minded.
Why not just go to VPI Facebook page and send Mat a private message? He is on Facebook all the time and he will most likely respond. That's how I got my new tonearm lock post.
I called VPI Monday, I wanted to get a couple belts for my Aries 3 .
I don't remember the persons name , it could have been Jeff not sure.
But he told me Vpi wasn't selling any parts directly to customers and I should call a VPI retailer to get the belts.

So I ordered some on line through a retailer yesterday.
Not a good way to do business but what can you do.

I think you'll have to call a retailer and they will get the part from VPI.
I need the unipivot base for a VPI tonearm.......Will