VPI paper alignment jig

I just took possession of a new VPI Classic.  The alignment jig that came with it is paper and really looks like an afterthought.  I set it on my table but it doesn't come close to fitting snuggly and doubt it would give me decent results.  I assume at this point the METAL ADJUSTABLE alignment jig I've see in the VPI set up video is a $60 option worth paying for.

I'm new at this any help would be appreciated.
I've never seen this before.  Do you have a 10.5 inch arm....I'll send you mine if you promise to return it.....

"I assume at this point the METAL ADJUSTABLE alignment jig I've see in the VPI set up video is a $60 option worth paying for."

It is worth buying but I would call VPI first. Both of my VPI TT's came with the metal tool.

Thanks for the confirmation all.  I appreciate your offer stringreen.  I'll call VPI and see what's up.
Before you spend $60.00 on a VPI jig go ahead and get the Best/Mint alignment tool made specific for your arm and table combo for $100.00 and you are set, there is nothing better or easier to use.

Be sure of the length of your arm! The jigs for 10.5, 12" etc. are different. Cheers,
sbank is very right - just measure from the pivot to the front of the arm.
All good input, thank you.  Good point in the tomearm length as my VPI set up manual doesn't state which arm it is.  I've seen it published elseware as the JMW 10.  I will measure and verify.

I called VPI and they confirmed the paper alignment tool is supplied with the current Classic.  Wow that's a bummer because I wouldn't trust a piece a paper to properly align anything other than a shopping list.  I gave them the serial number and VPI stepped up to the plate and is sending me a "no cost" metal jig ...read zero dollars!  They didn't even ask for shipping!  Talk about customer satisfaction...

I'll keep you guys posted after I get everything set up and playing right.
That's what I call excellent customer service.
I thought so wec56....I've always been treated like that from VPI
I also recommend a Mint Protractor.  It's mirror surface and alignment lines/curves to prevent paralax is worth it.

"I gave them the serial number and VPI stepped up to the plate and is sending me a "no cost" metal jig ...read zero dollars!  They didn't even ask for shipping!"

I thought that might me the case. VPI is an excellent company, but they have a lot of dealers. Some good, and some not so good. A few dealers were pulling the alignment tools out of the boxes and selling them separately. Its not VPI's fault, of course, but its nice to see they did the right thing and just gave you a new one.

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 VPI confirmed the paper alignment tool is what is included with the Classic.  
Dear @wec56 / @stereo5 : """ read zero dollars! They didn’t even ask for shipping! Talk about customer satisfaction ... """"

""" That’s what I call excellent customer service... """

It’s incredible those kind of sentences on a reputated audio manufacturer as VPI where for me it’s a " shame " for VPI that somewhere exist a thread like this because the minimum tool that any tonearm must be accompanied is a " decent " tonearm JIG for tonearm and cartriudge set up and VPI just does not make it that. I repeat shame of VPI for this fact, it's a VPI's OBLIGATION to do it because it's a main/critical subject, makes no sense to me but this is the high end and part of the corrupted AHEE ! ? ! ? ! ? !!!!!.

Why almost all audiophiles bougth at least one after market tonearm/cartridge  set up JIG when should be an OBLIGATION that each tonearm manufacturer deliver the tonearm along an accurate JIG ?, again because that AHEE.

Regards and enjoy the music, 
Totally agree.  A $3 thousand turntable gets a paper jig?   
As an FYI, the paper alignment jig works perfectly well in setting up the VPI tables....and yes, this is the standard jig that VPI sends with several of their tables now.
the vpi jig gets you in the neighborhood. the mint puts you at the right house, centered in the driveway equidistant from both house and street.

it's that good....

A paper alignment jig is worthless!  The "new" VPI is super cheap IMO.

VPI has always "in the past" provided a plastic or metal jig.

I have used both the VPI, and others, including the "MINT", and always preferred the sound using the VPI!  YMMV!
I'm so glad things worked out for you!  And that they are sending you the gauge for free. My Scout came with a free metal jig when it was new.  I had a very bad experience with VPI, I sent my 16.5 cleaning machine back for repair and never got it back! Long story.  ANyway, the paper jig they included may not be good, but there is certainly nothing wrong with a good paper jig! 

I did my reading and studied up on tonearm alignment, and anyone with a metric ruler and an exacto knife and a 1/4 inch hole punch can make your own template that is every bit as exact as any metal or plastic or glass template made. There are several alignments to be had. It slips my mind, but they are centered differently, as to where the two points are where the arm is parallel to the spindle. I took card stock and a metric ruler and made my own template that was exact to the width of a razor blade, and tried different alignments, I've still got them pressed in a book around here somewhere.  But if you Google "Tonearm Alignment", it will give you a wealth of information on the subject. I mentioned making my own templates on Micheal Fremer's forum and was completely ostracized! There is no magic to aligning a tonearm, the only thing about a metal or plastic template is that it's a bit more robust, and takes up more storage space. I do like the ones with a mirror under the needle, that makes squaring up the cantilever a bit easier to see.
I understand the metal VPI jig for the JMW 10/10.5 arms and the Mint LP protractors set the cartridges in very very very similar positions, just the Mint LP puts the needle point just a hair back, one the same forward/back line... has that been others’ experience as well (for those who have a VPI jig and also a Mint)?