VPI owners: what alignment system do you use?

After purchasing my Scout/JMW9 arm package, I set it up using the one point VPI jig that came with the turntable. Out of curiosity, I downloaded "Enjoy the Musics" alignment protractor and found some differences between that and the VPI jig. Nothing too major, a millimeter or so's difference in a couple parameters. As we know though, optimal setup is tweaking small adjustments. So I'm curious what setup methods other VPI owners use and found to work best, VPI's own jig or other methods?
I don't currently own a VPI but have had several in years past. The two best systems in my experience is the Cart Align (no longer made) and WallyTractor.

The couple of millimeters in one direction or another, combined with VTA and tracking force is what separates a wonderful set up from an average one. Believe me it's worth doing and you have a table that will reveal those differences.