VPI Nomad Setup Questions

Analog Experts,

 I purchased some toys to try and learn/review my VPI Nomad V2 turntable setup. Started with the Doc Feickert, appears that the pivot to spindle is 235 mm , my overhang is off , VTA looks decent according to block gauge but azimuth not good leaning into the center quite a bit. I am short on first null point, but seem somewhat parallel on outer if using the face of the Ortofon red cartridge to align. Tracking force 1.7 grams. Next calibrated the Fozgometer with a disk and hooked up to the Nomad. When off and plugged in meter is zero. Power on table Fozgometer no record playing and right channel is on showing 7db. Play track 1 of test record and Fozgometer is reading zero, track two and left is reading 30db, track three and right is reading 37 db. In between tracks on record spaces back to right 7db.

Tried adding a ground an no difference.

Checked my preamp output and similar issues track 1 is right 5db not zero , track two 12 db , track three 17 db.

Went back and double checked the calibration still fine wav 1 zero , wav two 20 db and wav 3 20 db right on the mark.

Do I trust Dr. Feickert and follow the setup guidelines? Does VPI know something different? Table is used so not from factory. 

I assume I have to shim the cartridge to adjust azimuth but curious what the base right 7db issue is can't seem to be azimuth as no record playing tone? Ignore and use the Fozgometer to level right and left channels ??

Thanks for any help in advance.

Next topic can I use/trust the Dr. Feickert to align my used JMW 9 tonearm and base as I plan to drill out the plinth and remove the original arm and negate the built in amp. 

my self and two of my audio friends all use the Dr Feickert, from what I’ve seen there is a couple different versions of it though the latest seems to be the more accurate as far as having multiple set up choices. either way they are both excellent and trustworthy for any level table. I believe even Miachael Fremer (analogue planet-steriophile) uses one as well and he said he set up over a 100 carts a year on his Colibri table (think that right spelling on his table correct me if I'm wrong).
I use the Foz with great success. What test record are you using.... what preamp are you using?   I have had many VPI products and they all work well though haven't had your model.  Just looked up your model...   It looks to me on this computer that the arm has no provision for azimuth....I would not shim it....I'd just leave it alone.  The cartridge was set up at the factory and should be correct as is...although - I read in a review that quality control is not the best.  Make sure you are using your overhang template correctly....that may be the only adjustment I'd make to your table.  Make sure the platter is not wobling, and the cartridge stylus looks straight. etc.
Thanks I decided to use the Feickert and adjust accordingly. I found  in the VPI manual for the Traveler that the pivot to spindle is 235mm so feel better about trusting the Feickert protractor.

The Nomad has a built in amplifier and may be the culprit why the Fozgometer is off.

VPI Nomad V2

Audio Research LS27 new

Audio Research Ref 2 phono not hooked up yet

Audio Research Ref 250 monos

Magnepan 20

Cardas wiring

Plan is to locate the JMW 9 center at the 223mm pivot to spindle, drill it out and mount the new arm hooked into Ref 2 phono bypass internal amp.

Basically a play table plan to upgrade at some point new to analog.
plus I am cleaning, sorting and grad8ng 4k classical lp's so best not to test rkun them with expensive table. Audio Desk Pro does decent job.