VPI new turntable- Prime 21

Has anyone heard anything about this table, pictures illustrate a multi level table with an arm and starting price of $4500 US?
Not sure, but the picture I have seen looks like a reflection of the platter and plinth?  If not, the bottom base is really strange.

Here are much better pictures:


It's not a multi-layer plinth, must have been the reflection...
OK Thanks for the clarification, very similar to the regular prime.
Just an updated Prime to be release in 2021, thus the “21”. 
God save the Queen. It has a gimbal bearing arm! A major step in the right direction for VPI. Now, if it's suspension feet are engineer properly it could be quite a table for the money. Still have to engineer a dust cover around it. 
Looks like they just ditched the uni pivot for the gimbal arm. Based on the articles, it’s just the MK II version. Plinth improvements and other minor things.

Not exciting enough for me to upgrade from my ageing, Classic. If I could just find a HW40 DD for $5K.....yeah, I’m dreaming.
Just an updated Prime to be release in 2021, thus the “21”.

The Prime 21 is due out in October and the Prime 21+ in November, so really 2020 models, but close enough I guess to 2021 for the nomenclature.

Agree about the new arm. Never really liked the unipivot. Just a personal preference.
October and November releases? In the Auto works that makes them 21’s 
The Prime 21 has a limited release in the UK with a North American release 2021. 
The Mark Levinson tt was offered with a gimbaled tonearm. I had assumed that their target audience would be older and therefore be more satisfied with gimbaled.

Most of their tt's could be ordered with a gimbaled if requested from my understanding.